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Breakfast Grilled Cheese Sandwich

There’s two things right now that I know my son will eat all day right now – Grilled cheese sandwiches. He’s recently found a love for grilled cheese, and there’s not a morning he wont NOT eat eggs. So why not combine the two and make a grilled cheese breakfast sandwich with egg and bacon?

These bad boys are loaded with colby cheddar cheese, a freshly folded (I use the term “folded” loosely) and pre-cooked bacon making this a pretty simple and fast breakfast to make if you have your kitchen multi-tasking skills honed!


What really makes this grilled cheese breakfast sandwich stand on its own isn’t so much the contents, but the quality of the bread. I found this new “artisan” white bread at the grocery store on sale, and it’s so soft and butter it just melts in your mouth. It’s perfect for making grilled cheese with! So make sure not to skimp on the quality of the bread!

I made the decision to use pre-cooked bacon rather than cooking some up myself. Not so much for flavor reasoning, but to save some time. If you have time go for it, or just make some extra with breakfast the day before, OR just by the pre-cooked stuff. No judging here, just trying to get breakfast on the table in no time!

I can’t even begin to tell how how much this grilled cheese breakfast sandwich hit the spot. The crunchy on the ouside, warm and gooey on the inside texture along with the smoky flavor from the bacon really makes you just close your eyes and go “ohhh yeah”. Oh yeah, and the kids love it. Don’t forget about that!

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